DJ Teebee
Black Science Labs

By Paul Gannaway

Is jungle music facing an identity crisis at the moment? It certainly seems that the genre has passed on from the classic scattering breaks and psychedelic melodies in favour of a more dance-floor friendly, dark two-step style. While this makes for less innovation and multi-purpose listening, it does seem that jungle has gained a popularity in the clubs that techno hasn't known for a long time. Teebee's debut album fits firmly into this mould. Breaks are kept to a minimal two-steppin' regime throughout, while sci-fi samples and horror movie atmospherics slide from left to right speaker. It might not be quite as ground-breaking as some of C18's material, but Teebee has infused a definite atmosphere of his own into these standardised sounds and it's dangerously engaging. Moody, melodic and sub-bass heavy, Black Science Labs will have you wiggling energetically despite a few generic tendencies.
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