Octagon Man
Ito Calculus

By Dave Stelfox

J Saul Kane returns under his pioneering Octagon Man guise for the sequel to 1995's The Exciting World Of... long-player. Ito Calculus abandons trademark hip hop breaks for a sci-fi-tinged take on electronic experimentation.

Broken beats mesh with twisted analogue on tracks such as 10ft Violins and Mass as electro influences suffuse the music with futuristic undertones. However, this 13-track long-player goes on to embrace both the rhythmic and the contemplative in the shape of Sound Of Gemini and Codion which twist and turn majestically through caustic beats and swirling analogue respectively. Continuously mixed, without breaks between the tracks, Ito Calculus breaks boundaries while remaining a cohesive collection, driven by pure self-styled innovation.
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