Third Eye Foundation
Little Lost Soul

By Tom Magic Feet

TTEF might sound for all the world like a shadowy organisation that funds research into extra-sensory perception, but 'they' are in fact Matt Elliot, noted musical refusnik and contemporary of the likes of Techno Animal and Volume Versus Mass. Little Lost Soul only boasts seven tracks but is none the worse for its brevity. I've Lost That Loving Feline makes for a fine opener, ingeniously marrying what might be opera with drill'n'bass breakbeats and setting the pattern for what follows; the juxtaposition of conventional orchestral elements and unconventional beats, essentially. This could have resulted in a right old mess, but Elliot is way too smart to let that happen and despite the fact that he never takes the easy route, Little Lost Soul is frequently affecting and often just plain beautiful. Clever git.
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