Soft Verge
Soft Verge

By Tom Magic Feet

Bizarre, but oddly impressive stuff from one Mike Silver, here on The Underdog's notably leftfield label. Molten Timbre sets the tone, a three-minute long barely audible one-note whine. The other six aren't quite as sparse but are more like soundscapes than actual tracks.

Overall, the album is themed around (and here I quote the press release) "the story of a parasitic digi-disease, charting the progress of this strange virus from infection through the early symptoms to the frightening physical manifestations of the condition", which would account for track titles like Fever and Delirium anyway. Each cut involves only a few elements – Fever, for example, is omposed almost entirely of what sound like the intro beats on Grandmaster Flash's White Lines, repeated – but they're remarkably effective in conveying the mood.

Soft Verge
may be the kind of thing that will prompt your Dad to ask 'Is this what passes for music these days?' but don't let that put you off.
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