Buddy Peace and Zilla
A Friendly Game of Chess

By The Felonious Punk

Hip hop has come a long way since those early days of powering generators off street lights, from a minority music local to just a few neighbourhoods of New York to the global collosus it is today, the secret of its success has been its ability to assimililate and absorb other sub-cultures, to bend in the wind.

Today the term covers a broad spectrum of vices and virtues, from the good time party music of the Neptunes, to the dirty bombs of Def Jux, it can promote peace or fuel beefs, be slavishly old skool or sound like it's being beamed back from some 31st century block party, it can even just about accomodate the off the wall leftfield cut and paste masterpiece that is A Friendly Game of Chess.

Buddy Peace has quietly become a name to drop over the last twelve months, his residencies at nights like Shoreditch's Red Alert and Wheels Instead of Hooves, have seen him build a reputation as possibly one of the best DJs currently plying their trade in London at the moment. Effortlessly cutting and scratching and making the rest of us look lazy and stupid, he has been equally lauded for the occassional mix CDs that have emerged from his southwest London bolt hole, taking the script and completely flipping it, these CDs have taken his live performances and made full use of available studio technology to take it to the next level.

On A Friendly Game of Chess, Buddy has teamed up with Bewildered Beat Headz boss Zilla, to create 60 minutes of madness, from the openings portentuous spoken word intro, it propels you through a barrage of styles, everything and anything is thrown into the mixer and it all comes out smelling of roses. Ambient, Kraut rock, indie, hip hop all mixed together to produce a stunning musical soundscape, culminating in the rare pleasure of hearing Mobb Deep ride roughshod over The Pixies.

Insanely limited, ...Chess, is like DJ Shadow jamming with Brian Eno at their most self indulgent, taking time to explore ideas and motifs without being restricted by having to pander to the tyranny of the dancefloor, a perfect example of what is possible with a big box of records a computer and an imagination. Grab it before it's gone forever.
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