Aphex Twin
26 Mixes For Cash

By Gavin Weale

Recalls a time when the twin wasn’t obsessed with +160bpm din’n’bass, when he made some pretty if twisted tunes a la Selected Ambient Works. Indeed, many of these gems hail from the early nineties. Half genius, half for the completist, if you’re sick of hearing drilling beats you may take solace: from Seefeel’s Time To Find Me, through the hilarious bodge-up of Phillip Glass/David Bowie on Heroes, and some characteristic freaky-children singing on Nobukazu Takemura’s Let The Fish Loose. CD two goes a little harder, but is slightly less memorable.

Worth the asking price? Is the whole thing a contractual obligation? Will he ever be as good as his older product? The answer, on the basis of this album, is a big fat 'dunno'.
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