The Doubtful Guest
Acid Sauna

By Kone-R

Acid Sauna, the debut long-player from London-via-Chicago’s Libby Floyd, aka The Doubtful Guest, is a fierce onslaught of 303-driven rave pressure. Opener Slaves is a decent enough marker for what’s contained within: banging drum machine action interlaced with Roland tweakery, overlaid with forebodingly dark synths and pitched-down voice samples — a good example of the kind of thing she’s dropped in recent live sets and shows what she’s capable of. From here she moves through a selection of styles, fusing dub, drum 'n' bass and straight-up party gabba, but despite her background as a classically trained musician (she’s sung with Pavarotti, no less) it all seems rather underwhelming. It’s one of those albums that feels like a collection of 12” tracks for the dancefloor, rather than a properly constructed album. For such an obvious talent, it’s exactly this musicality which seems lacking, although there’s no denying the high standard of the acid, or the drum programming — the continually metamorphosing rhythms are subtly constructed (even when the overall effect is like a repeated punch in the face).
The highlight is Brulush, which lets up (slightly) on the tempo with a hugely memorable melody and understated acid bassline — it’s a quality track and more like it would be very welcome. Unfortunately it’s back to rave-stabs-at-200bpm territory for the album's closer, a whitewash that leaves you wondering what might have been.
gareth posted 26 July 2008 (16:45:00)
I have to disagree with this revue. This is some of the best Acid Tech (not to mention fantastic crossovers) I have heard in a while. This is no concept album, but i can guarantee each song will take you on a journey. It's gritty and dark old skool tech. And the disorganised sequencing really gives this a live and organic quality. I cannot stop listening to Acid Sauna. This has real attitude. And the dub fusions (being a Kiwi) will always be a positive thing.
pischionaughtinnit posted 20 February 2008 (04:18:00)
oi oi, yeah, calm down ;D
pete syznack posted 19 February 2008 (17:42:34)
this album is massive.... fckin amazing!!!! best i've heard in years
libby posted 13 April 2008 (16:47:27)
aw, funny you credit the slowest track as being the top track ;-P
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