Bochum Welt
R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy)

Something missing in your life? Gianluigi Di Costanzo's new double-CD may be just what's needed to plug the gap...

By Kone-R

Gianluigi Di Costanzo was one of the first artists to enjoy the privilege of releasing music on Rephlex, and during the 90s this relationship bore serious electronic fruits in the shape of Module 2 (one of the finest albums ever released on the label), plus a series of lushly melodic, often crunchy EPs. This double-CD package harks back to those glory days, rarely matched by his later output for a number of other labels. The first disc masquerades as a completely new album, but on investigation there’s a fair bit of revisiting going on. Indeed, the title track itself is little more than a light rework of Desktop Robotics. Family Computer Robot features another instantly recognisable BW drum loop, but this laziness is excused on account of the sheer uplifting joy of the rest of the track. There are some wonderful and completely fresh moments as well — Gyromite and Fcs being the standouts for me.

Disc two makes no excuses for itself — this is a straight-up compilation, containing almost the entire Bochum Welt Rephlex back catalogue, now long deleted. This would be welcome enough on it’s own, but the nice twist for the completist collector is that many of these tracks have been given very subtle re-touches from their original form, which only makes it more pleasurable to listen to as a collection. From Mechanique and Lunakhod to La Nuit and the almost unsurpassable Feelings On A Screen — truly this is some of the finest electronic music of the last 20 years and deserves a place on any discerning listeners shelf. The only negative I can think if is that it doesn’t include the stunning Heinrich Mueller remix of Saint from the 10” that preceded the release of this set. For anyone yet to encounter this most underrated of electronic musicians, these two discs will fill a little hole that I guarantee has been missing in your life.
Timmy posted 26 May 2008 (00:13:47)
I've missed Bochum - bring it on!!
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