Love to Make Music To

By Laurent Fintoni

Daedelus, a man well-known for both his live shows and his ‘unconventional’ sense of dressing, returns to Ninja for a new album. And the good news is that, in the words of the Ninja press release, ‘it’s his most accessible yet’. The album is a homage to early UK rave culture, which Daedelus discovered aged 15. But it comes across as more than a simple tribute. Using early rave culture as an inspiration, Daedelus brings the music 15 years forward — the result being a weird but fascinating hybrid of the old and new, with wonky basslines, grinding synths, club beats and quality raps from guests N’Fa, Taz from Sa-Ra and Paperboy. You might think that trying to cover so much ground would leave the album feeling somewhat unfocused, but it’s the opposite, with the 15 tracks complimenting each other perfectly, taking you through over a decade of some of the most exciting electronic music, but with a twist. (Victorian) hats off to the man!
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