Flying Lotus
Los Angeles

By Laurent Fintoni

LA’s Flying Lotus is a name on everyone’s lips right now, and rightfully so considering the quality, variety and progression of his work to date — from early, loose and wonky Dilla-esque beats and compositions to his more recent bass-heavy bootlegs and his eclectic EP for Warp that takes in everything from laid-back pieces to dancefloor fillers. Now it's time for a first album for the legendary UK electronic label, and it sees the man in top form, delivering 17 tracks of what can only be described as fresh new music that truly takes hip hop forward. Instrumental for the most part, Fly Lo continues to redefine the idea of ‘beat music’. From loose drum programming to distorted synths, hypnotic loops and wobbly basslines, the LA beatmeister serves up the kind of music that transports you somewhere else. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is merely background or travelling music. The more you listen, the more you’re sucked into his world — a weird and wonderful world of colors, sounds and vibrations. Unexpected and addictive, Los Angeles is the sound of the future.
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