The Bug
London Zoo

By Laurent Fintoni

Kevin Martin can easily be described as an eclectic producer. Over the years he has collaborated with, remixed and produced for a great many artists across a wide range of styles. While The Bug is the project for which he is most known today, in the wake of dubstep’s popularity (and Martin's association with Kode9's Hyperdub label), this new album shows just how pointless it would be to try and box The Bug’s music into any one ‘sound’. Across 12 tracks, Kevin collaborates with 8 MCs and vocalists, including Flowdan, Warrior Queen, Ricky Ranking, Tippa Arie and Roger Robinson, to deliver an apocalyptic soundtrack. The music grabs you from the first bars of opener Angry and only starts to let you go as the mellower Judgement rolls in at the end. The pressure stays firmly on throughout, as The Bug switches tempos, styles and sounds whilst keeping it all firmly grounded in the reality of the all-encompassing bass. The vocalists all deliver great performances, lyrically and sonically, and even the more energetic tracks, all released as singles, take on a new dimension as they’re removed from the dancefloor and fitted into the album’s whole.
London Zoo is a remarkable tour de force, an album that truly feels like a statement of the times and further proof that Kevin Martin is a sonic warrior unlike many other.
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