Bogdan Raczynski
Renegade Platinum Mega Dance Attack Party: Don The Plates

By The Felonious Punk and Mr Bear

Ah shit, you all know Bogdan by now: twisted toy-town hardcore cut, spliced and ripped to shreds, a 200 bpm assault on the senses that you either love or hate, with the lush exception of his moving, poetic My Love I Love album, you could sometimes be forgiven for feeling that Bogdan has spent the best part of the last few years endlessly remixing the same song.

At first sight Renegade Platinum... is no exception, containing 5 tracks from 2002's 96 Drum n Bass Classixxx LP and the four tracks from the recent I Will Eat Your Children Too EP, it sees Bogdan in familiar territory and though it might not do much to convert the non-believers it should keep the faithful happy enough. His immediate horizon is ever-changing, the piss being taken at every opportunity and often not palatable enough for passing (and innocent) bystanders, which one suspects is his point really. The ingredients are the same but it's what he does with them that each time makes the experience at very least a curiosity and at most genius.

This latest collection visits frenetic, schizoid drum and bass and gabba interweaved with playful samples and his trademark casio keyboard cheese. Anyone in search of a serious and coherent framework will be disappointed – Bogdan is in charge of what we read in his comic book. Like a child told at school that he'd have so much potential if only he would get his head down, he enjoys every moment of the listener's disbelief. He's the one in charge and the sooner we learn that grinning is the only option the better.

Qualification of all this can be found in the last twenty minutes with several tunes hidden within the last track. From screeching ravecore and a fat junglist mess through to more stupid, squelching synth noises then the beautiful ambient finale he knows entirely what he's doing, it's more a matter of whether you're man enough.
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