Horace Andy and Ranking Joe

By Serena Kutchinsky

Blood and fire was spilled all over Cargo’s dancefloor last Thursday as reggae fans soaked up the last of the summer madness with the sunshine sounds of Horace Andy, Ranking Joe and the Rocksteady DJs. A Jamaican joy fest that saw this Shoreditch outpost filled with more dreadlocks than mullets as the crowd swayed in a happily dubbed out fashion.

Horace was at his silky best, sweeping the bouncing throng along with him on a musical nostalgia trip through his finest moments. His unmistakable rootsy falsetto sliced through the hazy herbal atmosphere with its warbly brilliance. Classics like Skylarkin and Love of a Woman still send shivers through your eyes, ears and toes, displaying his infinite sensitivity to themes of the heart layered over militant, tough steppin riddims. The raw reggae energy of his performance reconfirms his status as the master of Studio One.

Ranking Joe bobbed onto stage looking like a dancehall Dick Van Dyke with a cockney gezza bendy knee jive, seventies refugee silk shirt and massive leather rasta hat. Mr Bong Diddly did not disappoint with his famed tongue twisting lyrical style, firing out a fast rapping version of Bob Marley’s classic One Love that got the crowd swaying with a degree more coherency.

Despite the slightly disappointing volume of the sound system, which failed to blast booming bass in quite the hoped for fashion, Blood and Fire blazed through Shoreditch and proved summer ain’t over till the fat man has sung!

 Picture showing Horace Andy
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