Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program
Ghetto Sci-Fi

By Laurent Fintoni

While Flying Lotus grabbed the headlines and attention in 2008, other LA producers have been busy, including Ras G whose dubwise and smoky productions have been championed by Fly Lo and others. On Ghetto Sci-Fi Ras delivers a short but intense musical ride, with 12 instrumental beats that owe as much to Madlib’s blunted excursions as they do Sun Ra or Jamaican dub pioneers. Comparisons don’t quite do this justice though, as Ras manages to make his own sound and style come through despite the fairly apparent sonic references: Beyond The Sky is an irresistible headnodder with its simple drum pattern and hypnotic samples, while Yesterday slings a heavy bass over a disjointed riddim. It’s not necessarily for everyone but if you’re looking for something fresh in hip hop right now then Ras G’s space program is a good place to start.
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