Circulations & Jay Scarlett Present New Worlds

By Laurent Fintoni

Further proving that the rebirth of hip hop’s boom bap isn’t limited to a singular axis, New Worlds brings together some of the most interesting producers from around the world for a 14-tracks compilation of fresh and soulful productions. Jay Scarlett is based in Munich while Circulations is a Tokyo-based label, and artists on the album include Paul White (London), SA-RA (New York), Ras G and Take (LA), Super Smoky Soul (Tokyo), Big Payback (Paris), Hud Mo (Glasgow) and more. The result is a really fascinating and captivating snapshot of the current state of hip hop, proving that the dismissal of boundaries and set templates can be a good thing, as long as it doesn’t become a template of its own. SA-RA throw down some sultry soul on Talk Sex, Take bridges dancefloor appeal and headnod bounce on the aptly titled Bouncing Cherries, Mono/Poly does a jazzy number on For Progressive Minds and the vocals of Reggie B, Leon King and Guilty Simpson all make welcome appearances. An excellent showcase of what is bubbling beneath the mainstream of hip hop right now.
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