Paranormale Aktivitat

By Kone-R

In which Gerald Donald/Heinrich Mueller (he of a million aliases, all of them legendary in their own right), returns under yet another new moniker, this time aided by three female associates — Susana Correia, Penelope Lopez and Beta Evers — with whom he has apparently collaborated across the web to complete this particular opus. Evers brings a sparse vocal presence to the album that makes it sound like an XX chromosome-fronted version of Arpanet's Inertial Frame or Wireless Internet — and it really works.
Erring mostly on the side of the minimal, spooky vibe that he explored on some of his previous Rephlex outings (notably the Dopplereffekt long-player Calabi Yau Space), the vibe is intentional as this is an album with a strong theme — the paranormal. Evers intones over some disquieting stuff on the opening three tracks Apparition, Clairvoyant and Cryptic Dimension, which set the stall out early. Donald intends, as always to explore the darkest and most hidden areas of our universe, but whereas many of his previous efforts have been predisposed towards science, this time he goes beyond the realm of the empirical.
The album strays into more instrumental territory towards its middle section — a shame in some ways as I'd like to hear more from Evers, but these tracks perhaps don't lend themselves as much to vocals. She returns though towards the end — most notably on the strongest track here, Telekinesis, which describes the interesting case of one Nina Kulagina, a Russian woman said by many to possess some rather disturbing psychic powers. When Evers chants 'Kulagina.... she makes hearts stop beating' the effect is positively spine chilling. But whilst Kulagina herself may have been an elaborate fraudster, there's certainly nothing shoddy about the psychic powers emanating from the tracks on show here.
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