Various Artists
EPM 10

By Kone-R

EPM is a company that has been steadily supporting quality electronic music for the past 10 years. From their bases in Maastricht and London, they have specialised in digital distribution, PR, legal services, artist management and plenty more. In order to mark this significant milestone in an industry in which few survive so long, they've decided it's time to make use of their bulging contacts book and put together a compilation — and for a first effort it's an absolute stormer, packed with hot exclusives for the connoisseur.

Kicking off with the crispest of modern italo bangers from Alexander Robotnick before ploughing into the uptempo synth action of Detroit Grand Pubahs' Civil War 2013 (a track which should really have made the cut of their last album), it's clear from the outset that this album means serious business. And it doesn't let up — Robert Hood (under his Floorplan guise) drops an exclusive dose of M-Plant pressure, and Marco Passarani (as Analogue Fingerprints) gets into a serious acid groove. By the time Norwegian newcomer Marius Våreid gets in on the action, you're glad of a bit of a let up — finely delivered in the form of an anthemic piano-led Balearic banger.

But the danger hasn't passed — Regis and Function, recorded under their Sandwell District moniker live on stage in Berlin, turn up the techno heat once again, and if you've heard the recent live 12" (presumably recorded on the same tour) you'll know what to expect. Mark Broom & James Ruskin turn in a strangely lolloping affair and Orlando Voorn gets funkily tribal on Wiggle. It's difficult to reconcile the hoover electro of RadioNasty (yes, a collaboration between Keith Tenniswood and Billy Nasty) with everything going on around it, but what the hell — it's a party and everyone's invited. With celebrations lined up at some of the world's top nighteries during 2011, let's raise a glass to the next 10 years of these mysterious movers and shakers.
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