Various Artists
Little Planets in the Wires

By Andy Parsons

Whilst Cardiff's rock scene has always attracted the column inches, the city's nascent electronic acts have been quietly tweaking their knobs and perfecting their craft until their time duly arrives. Giving them a swift kick up the hard-drive is the second compilation of local talent in as many months with Little Planets in the Wires following on from Boobytrap's A Step in the Left Direction.

After several years of hosting excellent nights in Cardiff, Slow Graffiti have rounded up the best local unsigned talent and compiled this showcase of outstanding bleeps and beats. A fashionably random intro sample is followed by the first main tune – a cheeky minimal electro track by Roger. The first track to really catch the ear though is Emanuelle's delightful Seven Steps which woozily matches gentle guitar licks to phasered electronics. Lord Bear and Wiseacre then supply some finely diced beats on Too Two before local live favourites Polanski hit all the right spots with Whilst Others Journeyed South. Cannily mixing the best elements from Four Tet's recent work, a shuffling Boards Of Canada style beat and plenty of their own inventiveness, this lovely tune can't help but bring a smile to your face, even if the temperature is reaching sub-zero outside.

Elsewhere Evils gets political on our asses with a little help from Chris Morris' Bushwhacked sketch whilst Saprotroph recreate Black Sabbath with plenty of gothic menace on Dark Sunday.

The hidden gem among this collection however is album closer Zero 99 by Eskimo which distills the best of early Warp ambience into five minutes of aural bliss. Little Planets sums up the current cardiff scene brilliantly. Despite a couple of weaker tunes here and there, there's a huge wealth of new talent waiting for exposure.
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