With Hands And Feet

By Andy Parsons

After two seminal LPs on Toytronic and a host of remix and compilation work, Multiplex finally launches his own label with a 10-track EP of remixes corralled from his thick book of contacts. The original track continues where the Pinghaus Frequencies album left off; layers of warm synth pads, playschool xylophones and a ringing oriental melody all sliding glutinously together. The result is a reasonably forgettable opening track, but more importantly a fairly good starting point for the host of superior remixes on offer.

Russian keyboard wizards Fizzarum strip the song to its barest bones and add a sublime, Boards Of Canada-esque melody line to make it quite clear that their Microphorus track was not a one off. Dictaphone then reroute the track through Tortoise's TNT to craft their underwater guitar dub mix before Safety Scissors chops it all up into fractured bleep and bytes.

Less in keeping with the general warm electronic feel of the EP are the two brainmeltingly hard remixes from Planet Mu bad boy Shitmat, who twice gets to apply his madcap breakbeat action to the original track. Neither mix lasts more than 3 minutes as amen breaks prematurely ejaculate over a frantically sped up melody. Not quite what Multiplex had in mind I'm sure but a tasty diversion from the other more relaxed remix fodder.

It's really left for Digitonal to steal the show with six minutes of pure melodic brilliance, utilising the live violins of Samy Bishai and some finely programmed beats from Andy Dobson. Hopefully an indicator of the material due on their forthcoming EP on Seed Records, this alone is worth the price of admission and could easily be one of the standout remixes of the year.
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