Sea Inside Body

By Andy Parsons

Amidst the innumerable amount of albums released each year by artists making 'electronic' music (in whatever form that may be) it is all to easy to let something unknown fly under your radar. The debut EP by Kel McKeown aka Kelpe was one such record last year which completely passed me by, however on the basis of this, his debut full length, it should be top of my list to track down with great haste. Sea Inside Body is one of those wonderfully rare albums which is deceptively straightforward on a cursory listen, but on repeated listening slowly ensnares you inside hypnotic rhythms, baleful melodies and delicious soundscapes.

Whilst instant comparisons with Boards Of Canada are inevitable on an album which features a large amount of 'nostalgic' sounds and mournful melodies and children's voices, Kelpe's rhythms generally have more in common with the fractured hip hop of Scott Herren than the looping beats of the Scots duo. Ultimately however whilst initial comparisons to a host of other acts may be possible, the further the album draws you in, the more assured you become that Kel has a vision and style that is wholly of his own.

From the celebration of the freedom of youth which is Age Sculpture to the haunted dancefloor rhythms of Sylvania, Sea Inside Body is a highly accomplished debut which oozes a warmth and comfort which seems to have been discarded by many current producers. How appropriate that an album inspired by the human body should have so much soul.
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