False Starts

By Benjamin Lehmann

Alexandroid is one of the many Russians contributing to the slightly more tech end of the electronica scene at the moment. His music is distinct from this community, though, by its warmth and tunefulness, citing classical composers like Debussy and Satie amongst his influences. False Starts is a well-executed, if not groundbreaking selection of his most recent work.

The most successful tracks on the album see Alexandroid taking a slow electro approach, and his music seems to work particularly well with the vocalist who features, Kristi Aivare. On Ga Gain and My Lovemixdown serene electronic motifs sit above dub-electro basslines, with rich strings and atmospherics. The production style is not ambitious, and the sounds are familiar, but tracks like these are musically very successful. About Life and Dera are more sample-based, with folky violins and chopped up shadow-esque beats. There are points where the production is a little over-zealous with the familiar clicks and pops of this genre, as on Energy, and Debil features a slightly half-hearted attempt at a Belle and Sebastian style trumpet-solo. But the album as a whole makes for good listening and you do have the sense that a lot of thought has gone into the presentation and order of tracks. A good one to take into hibernation, if that's what you do for winter.
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