Various Artists
Room 106

By Elizabeth Wells

Another collection of avant-garde fractured and atonal meanderings, featuring the likes of Dorinne Muraille, Aoki Takamasa (aka Silicom) and Yoshihiro Hanno. The concept behind this collaboration of French and Japanese sound artists is ‘musical furniture’, so we have pieces such as Drawer Full Of Socks In Different Colours and A Tiny Photo Of David Eliasson In Front Of Kopavogur 9 In A Tacky Plastic Frame. But for all the direction this gives the listener the theme may as well have been ‘Imitations and Meditations on what I had for breakfast’. For the most part this is difficult material forged out of the usual suspects: field recordings, found sounds, processed and distorted noise. Occasionally there is a glimmer of something more cogent and less detached (Eater’s kaleidoscope of staccato beats in Round Shaped Green Chair Made Of Resin, for example), but with the likes of Muraille and Discom’s Eric Minkinnen, whose studied, sometimes laboured take on randomness made me want to switch off, this is not for the casual listener.
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