Various Artists
Contemporary Culture Convention Compilation III

By Elizabeth Wells

A sampler compiled for the above Swiss convention, this collection showcases those who have been involved in the creation of non-commercial electronic music. Whilst this, like Room 106, also errs on the side of the avant-garde, it gives expression to a range of voices and styles that the former does not seem interested in. Standout tracks include Kaleidophone’s soulful excursion into uplifting rhythmic funk, Steinbruchel’s abstract soundscape of dark and brooding tones, and my favourite, Everest, whose Waterrelish delivers exquisite washes of sound, augmented by bells, chimes and snatches of conversation in the background. Also watch out for Niels Jensen, whose Sputnik uncannily recalls the opening strains of Too Shy by Kajagoogoo; no kidding, I was almost waiting for Limahl to join in with his new Romantic sighs!
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