Alex Cortex
Inward CTRL

By Miles Hawthorn

Following hot on the heels of his seven-track CTRL EP, Alex Cortex releases a double album Inward. This CD collects the two releases together and spans a whopping 24 tracks in 74 minutes.

Now having already recommended the EP I kind of had a feeling this would be up my street too. And it sure is: more classic sounding electronica and emotive techno than you can shake a stick at. Again there is no messing around here – as you can tell from the amount of tracks within the duration, few tracks clock in above three minutes.

It's emotion soaked stuff – full of sensuous strings, sublime washes and mystical keys in the classic tradition. The sound ranges from lush ambience to intriguing beat driven pieces, all the while maintaining a warm simplicity and a keen ear for melody. There are no track titles either, the music simply speaks for itself. Listening to this yesterday, lying on my back on the grass staring up at the sky, it seemed not far short of perfect. The only accusation I could level would be that there is nothing really here that you have not heard before, but when it's done this well who cares?

This also comes impeccably packaged in a stylish three-flipped digipak with an elaborate graffiti styled design that really makes it one to savour. After several releases for Source and more recently for Klang, this may well be the album to springboard Alex Cortex firmly into the spotlight. This is also another fine release from Ann Aimee, who, like stablemates Delsin, seem to be incapable of a wrong move right now. My album of the year so far, no contest.
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