Various Artists
Tresor Never Sleeps

By Miles Hawthorn

And I’m sure it doesn’t, well not in my experience anyway. I was lucky enough to visit there over the Loveparade weekend in 1994 and remember it being open pretty much from the Friday to Monday morning.

This album is composed of the Tresor tracks that have driven the basement of this famous club for so many years : Jeff Mills' Extremist, Joey Beltram’s M-Yard and Scion’s Basic Channel Remake for example, tracks that seemed custom built to shake the foundations of this old safe. Although I’m not too fond of some of the more recent offerings in this style (although there is a fantastic British Murder Boys track), there is no denying that this is a worthy document of one of the most famous and long running of all techno clubs. My advice would be to go and visit it in person while you still can.
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