Maps and Diagrams

By Miles Hawthorn

Expanding continue to 'expand' (please forgive me) and serve up another delicacy for our enjoyment. This time it's the turn of Tim Martin from Nottingham who has previously released on Pause_2 and also his own Cactus Island imprint.

I have to say the title of this album seems to sum it up better than I can. I don’t know why but it just sounds like that. Soft, warm and snug electronica, composed of streamlined and gentle melodies (the Polytuft part) that is set to clicky drums that whir and purr like finely tuned clockwork (the Tech part). The opening tracks are instantly embracing and heart warming, almost womb-like, and this feel is reassuring throughout. Vacado in particular possesses a gorgeous lilt, and further down the album, Lost Mechanics is just that, with precise beats and waterfalls of keys. The only accusation I could level would be that this is slightly derivative fare but for me it's the only real home listening album recently that has grabbed me from the off. A very strong release, and one to certainly track down for fans of Toytronic, City Centre Offices or music of that ilk.
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