The Rip-Off Artist
Pet Sounds

By Miles Hawthorn

Matt Haines is the Rip-Off Artist, presumably named due to his penchant for stealing famous album titles. The light-hearted humour that I assume led to this really comes across in his music — bouncy digital funk that slips, slides and almost oozes across the dancefloor at points, with snappy edits and cleverly manipulated samples that mean the tracks never lose their pace. It sounds very similar to the work of Soft Pink Truth in that there’s always something going on; one idea flicks to the next almost before you have time to take it in.

He also has a habit of using kind of droll and bizarre lyrics that sometimes work and sometimes unfortunately don’t. The full vocal workout of Sizzlespot really doesn’t do it for me, but the line on Little Tiny 1/8 Inch Jack ‘It’s inconvenient as it fits in the back / My mixer’s crap but it fits in my rack’ is genius, especially when combined with the quirky nature of the music. Telefunken is another highlight, standing out by using a vocal sample to great effect, plus complex edits and drops in and out of jerky offbeat sections. Bear Down also has a totally insistent groove that guarantees an instant wiggle, and crafty scat styled vocals that really give it momentum.

Vertical Form seems to have backed another winner and although the label seems to heading in a different direction, they obviously have their ear to the ground, as this is yet another superlative offering.
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