The Bug

By Edward Blake

More a compendium of previously released singles than an album proper, this first long-player from Kevin Martin’s ragga project still works as a complete long-player experience and should be a vital purchase for anyone who has less than half the tracks on vinyl. Martin’s musical journey has been one of the most adventurous of recent times and there is something strangely magical about the way he turns his hand to various styles and retains the true essence of the genre whilst still blasting out his own dark, distorted perspective on sound.

Pressure is actually a remarkably laid back affair for the most part. The most energetic tracks, such as Politicians and Paedophiles maintain the raw ‘n’ ruff 21st century ragga flavour that Martin’s Razor X label has embraced, whilst a good half of the tracks exist in a more solipsistic environment, dreamy toasting and poetry weaving in and out of electronic shuffling. The vocal performances are all killer, the music as serious as you can get without being anal – as ever Martin has proved he is a number of steps ahead of the game and pretty much as far removed from the twatty tendencies of the IDM scene as possible. The man is a true crusader and Pressure is another conquest!
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