Gold Chains
Young Miss America

By Edward Blake

Having favourably reviewed a Gold Chains single earlier this year I was looking forwards to hearing this long-player. But within 10 minutes I wanted to smash the thing in two and use it as a pair of daggers for murdering little animals with, ninja style. It’s like the musical equivalent of ADD, skipping from one style to another before you’ve even had a chance to appreciate what has just come out of the speakers… and over it all the rapping is just so bloody insistent and monotonous it really makes me want to throw things. At people. Sharp things.

This is a great shame. There are a number of tracks on here that have moments of brilliance. Gold Chains’ wordplay is undoubtedly very impressive and intelligent at times, but as a whole package this album makes me wince, hide for cover and wish that hip hop had never reached the ears of white people.
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