DJ Rubbish
Proper Propaganda

By Gavin Weale

If your mate sent you a tape of some Janet and John production with him MCing about how George Bush is a cunt, you’d probably think it was quite funny, but basically crap. That’s exactly what this album is like. Why call yourself DJ Rubbish if you really do make rubbish tunes? If you dress your music up in a name like DJ Rubbish, you must intentionally be preparing people for something that’s ostensibly rubbish but actually quite good. Initially I thought this sounded pretty rubbish, but was actually quite good. Then I realised that it was actually rubbish. It’s like boxes within boxes, man… I feel confused and none the wiser. In an age when hordes of austere men make shite music and take themselves too seriously, funny music is a much-needed commodity. But please, let’s make it good too. Seriously.
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