Si Begg
Director's Cut

By Miles Hawthorn

Never one to take music too seriously, Si Begg has taken a quick shufti under the bonnet of dance music and gone to work with his spanners, giving the nuts and bolts a good going over and doing some serious rewiring. He has given all parts of dance music culture a hefty tinkering with, but the overriding genres he manipulates on here appear to be UK garage and urban r'n'b – with plenty of MC's both male and female appearing on over half the tracks too. It is always difficult to pin down a certain style on Si Begg though as he constantly seems to mix and match bits and pieces of styles into some strange jigsaw that uncannily seems to fit.

The album opens with a booty styled techno track featuring DJ Rush, which manages to sound a lot like Green Velvet in places. This is followed by a slew of electro-breaks and garage tracks with his usual inscrutable production style, before Kebabs featuring Jamie Ball, a fantastically funny Noodles-styled track with a man trying to do his best in a kebab house. Si Begg's humour is always on show here in tracks such as the bizarre England, which puts the words of English poet William Blake through a vocoder, and the great VIP which uses a Kraftwerk-sounding synth line harnessed to a dirty great bass line whilst telling us 'celebrities, personalities, pop stars, you are not important'. Quality. As always though, most of these tracks are potential floor quakers: one of the most talented producers around who never fails to keep the pace moving.
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