Dub The Mighty Dragon

By Miles Hawthorn

Second artist release for RRR and its a bit of a departure from the sound of first by Super_Collider for this nascent Brighton label. Whereas the Super_Collider album was all about hi-tech digital production and sound development, this release goes back to basics in a brave way. The sound is minimal and uncluttered yet still bouncing and brimming with funk.

Max Turner and Marcus Rossknecht have been active in all areas of the European music scenes for the last ten years and draw on all this background for the Meteorites album. As I said, the music is very clean, using simple and unprocessed sounds to form a modern dub/reggae album that sounds instantly fresh and uplifting.

The lyrics, which seem to sit perfectly on the music, could be described in a similar way, being delivered without pretension or posturing, and although at first they seem a tad trite (particularly on opening track Milkman), they possess a hidden depth that gradually grows on you. The sounds themselves are raw and minimal rhythms crafted from the original dub palette but overlaid with soul, punk, funk and modern electronic elements. More importantly, there are some great structured songs on here with subtle and humorous wordplay that really bring them to life. The aforementioned Milkman is a twisting and stepping shockout, second track Butterfly is a sweet, summery track that reminds you of 'butterfly kisses and mosquito bites', while Mechanic is more futuristic with sci-fi lyrics and grimier electronic rhythms.

All in all you get eleven tracks of honest, funk-infused, poppy dub music that is being released perfectly in time for summer.
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