Help Aphex Twin 4.0

By Miles Hawthorn

V/Vm compile their Help Aphex Twin series onto one CD in a final push to help the Twin. They never really let on what kind of help they are offering though – I would have thought he was fairly financially secure, particularly considering Windowlicker is now on a Mercedes advertisement. Joking aside it's a fairly obvious pisstake and its not entirely undeserved considering Aphex Twin has been taking the piss out of the music press and even his own fans for years. Do as you would be done by and all that.

Anyway, the music on here is a typical V/Vm hatchet job, performed with their own unique joie de vivre and Northern wit. Track titles include DruNQs, Laughing all the way to his tank, and the brilliant Did u do or did u don't (Fuck off MCPS twat mix). This last one is a pretty special mash up of Didgeridoo. His back catalogue has been dissected fairly thoroughly and some have been savaged with some serious re-editing and bits of other tracks. My fave is the truly inspired version of Quoth with Stevie V's Dirty Cash layered all over it. I think they're trying to get at something here. The album closes with a cover of Blazin' Squad's See you at the Crossroads, entitled This is for you Ricky xx – what could they mean?
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