Escaping Dust

By Elizabeth Wells

This is the debut release of new label Rednetic, which claims to be the home of innovative ‘breakbeat electronica’ and claims this first offering is perfect to ‘watch Ceefax pages to’. Escaping Dust comes courtesy of Mark Streatfield and is a pleasant melange of micro-dub, subterranean effects and itchy, frenetic breakbeat. More conventional than the press would have you believe, there are nevertheless some satisfying nuggets that bridge the divide between feet and head music.

Bloc Party is an infectious soup of snappy hooks, shuffles and melody which would get most discerning listeners’ vote. The track is a sterling example of the way in which Streatfield works, building up layers of sound to construct satisfyingly crunchy grooves. Trampolineoleum is as suggestive of bubble and bounce as its title suggests, introducing what could almost be called a kind of improvised ‘jamming’. Its poppy vein is picked up elsewhere in tracks such as Tell Tale, which recalls a similarity to the recent output of some of RUC Records’ releases. Streatfield’s acknowledged debt to LFO may be detected on Dripfeeder, and unfortunately it’s this nostalgic nod to his 90s forebears that occasionally makes Escaping Dust sound a little jaded.
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