The Resound Of A Foggy Autumn Dawn

By Elizabeth Wells

A prolific sound and avant-techno artist in his native Montreal, Neil Wiernik, aka Naw, offers a subtly invasive blend of sound manipulation and dub-tech rhythms, which on the surface sound quite simple, but incorporate a number of touches that steer this release away from being simply another minimalist techno affair.

On Brittle Sticks an eerie whispered monologue weaves in and out of the metronomically precise rhythms. Moist Water Drops uses percussive chimes with crystal-like clarity as the track morphs and builds up layers of bass, leading it seamlessly into the next track. This illustrates the paradoxical clash between the rigid precision of minimalist techno and the rhizomatic ghostliness of avant-garde experimentation. Occasionally, as on Shifting Ground Water, the rhythm and bass darkens into a more robust line of attack, but strange other-worldly echoes always hint at a more mystical aspect to Wiernik’s artistic preoccupations.
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