Her Friend The Blue Star

By Elizabeth Wells

A double album featuring Phasmid’s original LP and a host of remixes by various artists working on the fringes of electronic music. The first thing to say about it is how wonderful the artwork is — everyone expects decent artwork these days, so much of it bypasses comment, but the cover of Her Friend really illustrates what to expect between the covers. A twee, rather fairytale landscape of ice and snow, all done up in shades of blue and white with different scenes on the CDs for ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ respectively, this is a pleasure to look at.

The contents are also an expression of this artistic presentation. The original tracks comprise a kind of twinkly childlike journey on the scale of Isan or another Morr records artist. The music is characterised by simple melodies, playful sounds and kitsch electro-pop. The tunes themselves are gently insinuating rather than instantly grabbing. The second CD develops this dimension further. Tim Koch’s first interpretation of The Sun Pictures creates an eerie jagged landscape that conjures up Nordic plains and chilly sunrises. This projection of nature is compounded elsewhere on the remix CD; Isan reconstruct the sounds of the forest and birdsong in My Smallest Ghosts for instance.

Overall the second CD builds on the beguiling simplicity of the first, weaving strange sounds and counter-melodies in and out of the original tracks, always careful to preserve the delicacy of Phasmid’s project.
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