Various Artists

By Elizabeth Wells

A compilation apparently designed for long journeys where your only companion is your portable music player, 2088 is a colourful, varied compilation, which ranges from sunny pop, like the bouncy anthem of the opener by Boothby, to more experimental moody work, like that of Tape and Mall.

The collection is full of little gems ideal for brushing away those wintry cobwebs and getting ready to spring clean your record collection. Tracks that deserve a mention include the aerial melodica of Fingernail’s Saints, the sublime static pop and crackle of Headphone Science’s Nitelife and the deep funky rhythms of Transient’s Homemade Sweatlodge. On the more avant-garde side watch out for Kunstner 5’s PC Help, which is exactly that: a sample of a bland friendly robo-voice speaking a set of commands relating to a wizard tool. The fab Weirdo Jammy Jam of Flowchart also sounds like it reads, delivering a primordial sounding soup of clicks, belches and vocal whispers set to infectious but minimal electro rhythms. Finally Mall’s Vidkid plays out on a suitably bizarre ending, bringing crushing industrial breaks to decorate a top-note of whimsical little frequencies.
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