Suburban Knight
My Sol Dark Direction

By Miles Hawthorn

Suburban Knight chooses this moment to release his first album for seventeen years, a production schedule to confound many a major label bigwig. He has also chosen to drop it on Peacefrog and not on UR for some reason... but from the opening strings intro to the first track Shapeshifter, when the beats kick in it's clear that this is going to be a Detroit treat. The next track, Collaboration Alpha, probably the best new track on here, has gentle strings and clear washes but a heavy, killer synth line that really grabs you when it drops. True to the Game is another one for the floor, with its dirty and swaggering bassline, while Roundtable Chronicles is slower with straight solid kicks, pure Detroit house almost. There are also three great old tracks on here: Midnight Sunshine, Nocturbulous Behaviour and Art of Stalking (one of the all time classic moments in techno without a doubt).

This is a high quality album but I can't help feeling slightly bothered there are only six new tracks, and that the best track is more than ten years old. If it is going to be a triple pack why not just make a double? I was hoping to hear more of the sinister, shadow-stepping, dark energy of Suburban Knight, as this is to me what has set him apart from other similar producers. This is, at the end of the day, a fairly generic release and doesn't really scale the heights I had set for an album that has been a long time coming.
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