Tomorrow Right Now

By Miles Hawthorn

Beans is one half of Antipop Consortium, who goes it alone for this. The album opens with Roar and the first thing you notice is that the drum machines have a tough task trying to keep up with the pace of his hyped up, scattergun style of rap. Words fly out of his mouth faster than a speeding bullet and he only really takes his foot off the gas on about three tracks out of fourteen.

The rhymes deal mainly with two of your classic issues: the fact that other MC's are all wack and played out, and the proliferation and spread of drugs. From the outset Beans lets us know 'most MCs got into music to get laid', continues to tell that there are 'too many MCs, not enough listeners' and reminds us 'MCs sound the same / limp like Dick Nixon'. The anti-drugs references are mostly veiled through colloquialisms, although the brilliant and poetic accapella track Booga Sugar is fairly blatant with its sentiments.

There are more strings to his bow though: the beatboxing on Crave, the clever vocal trickery of Mearle and the couple of instrumental cuts. In fact my favourite moments are the softer parts of the album: the lament of Toast – 'Took the train to Westchester / got off at White Plains', and the last track Walking by Night. There are plenty of fine moments here; I'm not sure whether this is Tomorrow Right Now, but it is a damn good album nonetheless.
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