Robert Hood

By Miles Hawthorn

This is one part of a trio of new releases on Monobox from Rob Hood; there is also a twelve inch and a double vinyl album. Some of the tracks feature on multiple formats and a couple are exclusive to this CD. The insert to this tells us of the not so distant future, of 'supercomputers no bigger than a speck of dust', of nano-devices primed to build a city. When you hear the sounds on here it's as if he has these miniscule machines at his disposal, all performing in harmony to build the city that is his music. Every part is perfectly positioned into place: metronomic kicks, off-key chords, classic string sounds, spectral vocals and his trademark alarms, clicks, hisses and whirrs are all there.

The key though is what isn't there: Hood's productions breathe, the space between the sounds is what makes his productions so pristine. I am fairly sure that some of these have been released before on M-Plant (the club thumper Downtown for instance) but you still get nearly 74 mins here, eleven tracks plus one super funky hidden track. The master of the minimal has produced another collection of understated, jazz influenced grooves – 100% high tech funk. Makes any pretenders to the throne seem like the court jesters they are.
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