By Miles Hawthorn

A new artist/band on RGC, produced, it appears, by Andy Weatherall. This contains six tracks of electropop, fuelled by infectious hooks, bittersweet melodies and a space-age futurist vision that blurs the boundaries between past and future. The music seems to be a combination of punk and nu-romantic influences colliding with more modern dance music. Heavily processed, echoing gothic vocals ride catchy machine funk workouts, although there is always a dark and sinister element to the proceedings. Track three reminds me (bizarrely) of the KLF's It's Grim Up North before a twilight zone melody and murky FX drones enter play.

The two real standouts for me are tracks one and four: proper electro with dark, robotic vocals that are instantly stamped on the subconscious. The only instrumental number track five is also a winner, a string laden breakbeat number with an edgy classical feel; a track you could easily imagine hearing in an advert sometime soon.
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