[Calin] Minette

By Elizabeth Wells

Apart from Price’s rather irritating habit of over-punctuating everything (all we need now is another electronica artist with an icon fetish) I can’t really find anything to criticise about this up and coming French musician. Real name Vincent Price, it is perhaps forgivable that he wants to bury it beneath some anonymity.

This is Price’s debut album release, and it unites a fair few different fields, harnessing elements of micro-dub, sound and feedback distortion, bleak melodic soundscapes, sometimes moving through all stages in one track, as on the opener, Eponge. Price is clearly not afraid of extremes, so Hanta ends with a rip of fierce white noise, then moves nonchalantly into some very low key glitch with the third track, Palm. The music is always busy, texturally inventive and manages to develop constantly, without ever seeming to break into a sweat. Influences do not spring immediately to mind, though perhaps Outrageous is a little reminiscent of Tennis, if they had ever mixed some Kraftwerk into their material.

Finally the last two tracks, Pass and Dither are beautiful: the first has an organic, mulchy feel, as if someone has magnified life close to the soil, and the second is glacial and austere, like music of the Poles.
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