By Elizabeth Wells

After the release of French artist Matthieu Malon’s debut album, System: On, he has handed his baby over to a set of very different artists to reinterpret. The breadth of interpretations is refreshing, yet a fair few still sound as though they have one foot stuck in the past.

Fc*k launches the compilation with their take on Afternoon and they bring to the track an almost glam-rock attitude, which nevertheless manages to feel up-to-date because of its indie-pop energy. Saloon come on all Ladytron with the relentless electro bassline of Russian Moon and a Popcorn-style melodic hook. It soon explodes into more obvious territory than Ladytron however. Teamforest’s mix of FBW is one of the more bizarre additions to this collection, featuring a Scottish vocalist, whose refrain loops with various effects through the rather lush electronica: ‘I would fuck Bruce Willis, if I had a fanny; and I’d fuck Han Solo too, but we both know that I cannae’, etc. I’ve no idea if the original track also features this strange vocal, but it certainly makes for an unforgettable (if maybe objectionable!) track. Though if there are plenty of tunes which push the envelope, there are also some tired and frankly dated moments too. Tracy Flick’s Catching Blue is a rather dire tech-rave mashup, and Washomatic All Stars seem to want to go all epic on the dancefloor but can’t seem to decide whether their anthem is big beat or drum 'n' bass.
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