Various Artists
The Only Blip-Hop Album You Will Ever Need Vol.1

By Miles Hawthorn

The only thing that this has in common with hip hop (generally) is tempo. The music on here has been turned inside out, mangled and hung out to dry; the grooves are stuttered, rearranged and sometimes scratched out altogether. Sometimes this works but there are times tracks on here just seem to lose the plot completely.

From the opening Mouse on Mars track with its warped big band sound you know there is something strange going on. This is followed though by one of the best: To Rococo Rot and I Sound come with a deep, flexing barrage that develops over a repetitive groove which keeps sticking; one that will really stick in your head too. Another track which stands out is Pole's Taxidub, which has recently been immortalised in the Levis' Rub Yourself ad. A great low, shifting sound; it doesn't make me want to gyrate up against a lamppost though. Also good is the 'dub on ketamine' sound of Pickadelic plus the lost in space drift of Schneider TM. Elsewhere abstraction is taken to its illogical conclusion as certain tracks might as well just be banging kitchen appliances together.

This is compiled by David Byrne (he of Talking Heads fame, I assume), and it is definitely worth a listen if the artists on here are up your alley. They are probably right though: this is the only blip hop record you will ever need.
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