Shifted Phases
The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J Rosinthrope

By Andy Rantzen

Nerds love mystery, it appeals to their fact-gathering sensibilities. As far as maintaining a sense of mystery is concerned, Drexciya are trumped only by Jandek. The press release drops heavy hints that this release is born of both Drexciyan parents (in spite of the recent death of James Stinson, his partner Gerald Donald remains at large, and presumably there is a sizeable backlog of material), although it seems to lean more toward the serious, linear, beat-driven side of the Drexciyan landscape than to the lunatic, klutzy no-fi, so-gawky-it's-funky side exemplified by the preposterously inspired Neptune's Lair album, also on Tresor. Where that underrated and bizarre album amphibiously glubbered and blibbered in muddily acquatic surroundings, occasionally blarting out into ludicrously spastic funk, this one seems to be cast into a very Eurpoean scientific conception of outer space, where electrons, asteriods and space dust revolve endlessly around dark stars, and the 808 holds sway over all from the centre of the cosmos.

This is all new material except for the last track, Flux, which came out, under another name on the final Drexciya release Harnessed the Storm (2002). Minimal, serious, linear and formally electro the new release certainly is. It's got the most European and floor oriented electro sound of any Drexciyan release in years. Listened to directly, it's rather dull, being too strict, scientific and and conventionally electro to delight the active mind. As a backdrop or aid to writing or thinking, it unintrusively supports a kind or progressive, disciplined work mood. This makes both the title and the cover design, which both suggest a glimpse inside the mind of some kind of fictional Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist, as he dreams his mathematical dreams, somehow very appropriate.
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