Giardini Di Miro
The Academic Rise Of Falling Drifters

By Miles Hawthorn

It is nearly the end of the year but this is without doubt one of the best albums of it, or any year come to think of it. Giardini Di Miro have managed to assemble one of the strongest teams of remixers around, and they all do the business, all finely in tune with what the project requires.

Styrofoam offers a gorgeously serene take, with an acoustic break complemented by a beautiful trumpet which eventually drowns in a sea of DSP crunching. Hermann and Kleine are up next with a slightly blue number that comes across like Mercury Rev, only better. There are lovely plucked strings, a quiet vocal snippet and stirring cymbal crashes. Opiate utilises drawn out violin strokes and a simple muted guitar to keep things flowing. Turner's mix is a slight break from the mould, a more minimal and disco tinged number but it still fits.

Overall you get eight tracks of quite exquisite electronic pop/post rock, although this is far too simple a term to describe it. One of the lushest and most lovely albums around.
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