Boards Of Canada

By Miles Hawthorn

This is a re-release of BOC's ridiculously limited first record, a private press of only 100 that has reputedly changed hands on Ebay for £700. For a lot less than that you can now hear where they began to hone that distinctive sound.

The slow languid breaks of Iced Cooly and the soft, ghostly keys of Melissa Juice (which is just way too short) show just why they have become so insanely popular. There is the pure genius of Sixty Niner, so simple yet so addictive, melancholy yet upbeat at the same time. Basefree is more aggressive and jerky but still obviously them, quite mournful but with what sounds suspiciously like a Chewbacca roar.

Although this predecesses Music has the Right..., in my opinion its better than the recent Geogaddi and is the perfect winter warmer for any stereo.
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