Various Artists
Morvern Callar (Original Soundtrack)

By Miles Hawthorn

The soundtrack to the film by Lynne Ramsay of the book by Alan Warner is truly that, a musical composition that traces a film from start to finish and reflects the journey of its stars. As you would expect, the journey is ever so slightly twisted and dreamlike (the soundtrack is a tape left to a girl by her boyfriend who has recently killed himself) but with some magical moments along the way. The overall mood is one of kooky and psychedelic weirdness, but is tinged by a certain sweet innocence.

From the Warp roster Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and Broadcast are all present here with great tracks, but whoever put this together must be a Can fan as there are two tracks of theirs on here plus two solo works from Holger Czukay. In fact Fragrance, with its distorted, flanged guitar, is a dirty wobbler of a track and superbly used in the film to add a druggy motif to one of the party scenes. There is ample support from other non Warp artists too: Velvet Underground's I'm Sticking with You, a great track which unfortunately has been hijacked by bloody Hyundai or someone (you'll know it from the advert), Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra's Some Velvet Morning, a very hallucinogenic piece which has a hazy and head-swimming splendour and again adds a real druggy feeling, and Ween who contribute a bizarre Benny Hill styled country and western piece with a harmonica part doing a train impression. Stereolab and Lee Scratch Perry also weigh in with typically excellent compositions, putting the seal on a truly excellent soundtrack.
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