65D Mavericks
Defining The Symptom

By Miles Hawthorn

First full length album from the Mavericks (Richard Polson and Nick Dunton) whose live shows are the stuff of techno legend. On the basis of this you can see why. Taking the Jeff Mills blueprint and building on it, this is high tech funk in that large main room style, giant pummeling drums and quirky, insistent rhythms. This has that nice carnival atmosphere but never descends into outright lunacy; a toe is dipped into the pond but a swim is out of the question.

Standouts for me are track five – a fat, chugging and tribal monster, and number six which is bleepier, brassier and dirty like Christina Aguilera. Firing a broadside across the bow of all the loopmasters, this along with Surgeon, Oliver Ho and the like, shows why Britain is best for this sort of stuff.
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