Cristian Vogel
Dungeon Master

By Edward Blake

Cristian Vogel returns to techno’s arms after the much-celebrated jiggery-pokery of the deliriously smooth Super_Collider album with a double pack of mind-booming techno. Quite how one individual can remain so far ahead of the game and still never put a foot wrong is something of a mystery. Vogel remains one of the few people who sounds like he’s striving to get inside his kit.

In most cases if a techno producer heard this they’d probably burst into tears like a big wet sissy (as most are). Waking up to the fact that there is techno out there so disgustingly noisy and funky yet also so pristinely intuitive and precise would hopefully make said producer think very hard before putting finger to button again and knocking out another ‘it’s OK, it’s banging’ beat-bummer.
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